The Great Debate – Does it Add Up?

Session Title: The Great Debate – Does it Add Up?

Speakers: Martha Echeverria, Zahira, Corliss Daniels, Jasmine McGilberry, Grace Obasi, Charniece Jones, Maria Villalobos, Shekinah King

Description: Join Project South’s Math Literacy Workers as they walk through a pre-recorded debate on various topics in math education, such as Should young people teach math to other young people? Who is a better teacher, students or adults? And when is math needed? Following the debate, students will engage in dialog regarding the disparities in education and their vision for future changes in education. This prerecorded debate will be conducted in front of a hybrid live and virtual studio audience, consisting of Project South staff, as well as local teachers, principals and administrators. The conference workshop will consist of Project South’s MLWs presenting clips of the prerecorded debate, providing analysis and answering live audience questions.

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