What does the math look like?

Session Title: What does the math look like?

Speakers: Herb Clemens, Carrie Bala, Kate Belin, Paola Caicedo, Heather Dutton, Crystal Proctor, Beatriz Zamudio

Description: This group of high school math teachers had a first conversation of January 29 that centered on establishing trust with marginalized or disaffected students. That conversation was recorded on Zoom. This second conversation responds to an inquiry by an observer of the first conversation Professor H-H Wu, who asked “After trust and willingness to participate is established, what does the math look like that you use to build from that base of trust and willingness?’ (We urge participants in this session to review the first conversation ahead of time at https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/IXMic-nXAo7R-lpBxmaSEpyee-KMnjQUlwhGJeWNtC9DcjOqFzv0KUNlFlVd0znN.jJZgTq1n1cES_udb

Access Passcode: Pis9%mNN) 

Resources: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/IXMic-nXAo7R-lpBxmaSEpyee-KMnjQUlwhGJeWNtC9DcjOqFzv0KUNlFlVd0znN.jJZgTq1n1cES_udb

Access Passcode: Pis9%mNN) 

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