Documenting the History of the Movement

Session Title: Documenting the History of the Movement

Speakers: Bruce Hartford, Charlie Cobb, John Gartrell, Karlyn Forner

Description: White-supremacists now control the Republican Party. They have launched a well-funded and highly-coordinated assault on examining, teaching, and comprehending American racism, its history, it’s effects, and – most importantly — our resistance to it. They are intimidating local school boards with mobs and harrassment tactics, threatening the jobs of teachers, mobilizing right-wing university trustees, and enacting laws to criminalize ideas that challenge the lies they use to maintain their political power. Within that context, the “Documenting the History of the Movement” panel will focus on documenting, preserving, and promoting Freedom Movement history as one method of opposing and resisting the political and ideological assaults that are now occurring all around us. This will be a 90 minute session to allow time for Q/A and audience participation.


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