Keynote: A Conversation with Jamarria Hall and Mark Rosenbaum

Speakers: Jamarria Hall, Mark Rosenbaum

Description: On April 23, 2020, in a groundbreaking decision, the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit recognized a constitutional right to foundational literacy under the Fourteenth Amendment. The case, which originated from students seeking equitable, quality education in the Detroit public schools, elevates the argument that all children have a right to be educated to a 21st century standard of basic literacy. Mark Rosenbaum, attorney for the Detroit children in the 6th Circuit Court decision, and Jamarria Hall, a plaintiff in the case, will share their stories in conversation and also will reflect on how focused local education initiatives, such as those highlighted in the sessions of this conference can help catalyze changes in education policy.  Jamarria and Mark also will take questions from participants.  

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