Produce Basket: Games for Learning Fractions

Session Title: Produce Basket: Games for Learning Fractions

Speakers: Lee McEwan, Kevin Reinthal, Debe Adams, Terri Bucci

Description: A team of teacher, mathematician, and math education researchers will present a developed set of games and activities, collectively called Produce Basket (PB), that make sense of standard fraction notation and operations, suitable for students and teachers in upper elementary grades. Participants will be encouraged to interact with the demonstration. New research on the effectiveness of Produce Basket for student learning will be briefly discussed, and questions answered.


Produce Basket Videos

Important info on using this series of activities:

Game 1: The Produce Basket:

Game 2: Fill the Baskets:

Game 3:  Traders’ Game:

Game 4:  The Garden Pest (Sea Beast):

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