Algebra Project Proud to Co-Sponsor the Third Bob Moses Conference

by | Mar 29, 2024

The Algebra Project is proud to co-sponsor the third Bob Moses Legacy Conference alongside the Young People’s Project, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Cambridge Community Foundation, and others. The conference, designed by Dr. Janet Moses and collaborating institutions and named in honor of Algebra Project’s founder Robert Parris Moses, will gather organizers, activists, researchers, educators, and students to delve into crucial topics such as Reconstruction, caste in the classroom, and the national scourge of mass incarceration.

Held virtually on April 27th and 28th, the conference aims to reframe historical narratives surrounding the denial of full citizenship rights to African-descended Americans. Organizers define the event as a platform for critical examination and discussion on societal structures affecting marginalized communities. With a focus on education, activism, and historical reflection, the conference serves as a testament to Bob Moses’ enduring legacy in the ongoing fight for social justice. Register at

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