Social Media Toolkit

Dear Friends of the Algebra Project,

Your voice matters, and we’re inviting you to join us in spreading the word about the vital importance of supporting the Algebra Project. Together, we can make a difference in math literacy and education for underserved communities.

Step 1: Post with Purpose Take a moment to craft a heartfelt post explaining why you believe in our mission. Use your personal experiences or simply express your dedication to empowering students through math education. Share your story and make it relatable to your network. Use our prepared image which includes a link to donate. Just right-click (Or CTRL-click on Mac) on any of these images, select “Save Image As” to save it to your computer, and post to your preferred social media site. You can also directly link to our donation page at:

Step 2: Use Engaging Captions Engage your audience with captions that resonate. Highlight the impact the Algebra Project has made on students’ lives and underscore the urgency of continued support. Be clear and concise, ensuring your message is easy to understand.

Step 3: #Hashtags and @Tags Include relevant hashtags such as #MathLiteracyMatters, #EducationForAll, #BobMosesLegacy, and #AlgebraProject to increase the visibility of your post. Don’t forget to tag us @AlgebraProject2 on Twitter, and The Algebra Project on Facebook and LinkedIn to help us see and share your message.

Your advocacy can inspire change and bring attention to the critical work we do. Let’s make a collective impact on math literacy together. Share your posts, spread the word, and help us continue to empower students through math education.

Thank you for your continued interest and steadfast support.